1. How is this different than redux-react-firebase?

    This library was actually originally forked from redux-react-firebase, but adds extended functionality such as:

    • populate functionality (similar to mongoose's populate or SQL's JOIN)
    • react-native support (web/js or native modules through react-native-firebase)
    • tons of integrations
    • profileFactory - change format of profile stored on Firebase
    • getFirebase - access to firebase instance that fires actions when methods are called
    • access to firebase's storage and messaging services
    • uniqueSet method helper for only setting if location doesn't already exist
    • Object or String notation for paths ([{ path: '/todos' }] equivalent to ['/todos'])
    • Action Types and other Constants are exposed for external usage (such as with redux-observable)
    • Server Side Rendering Support
    • Complete Firebase Auth Integration including signInWithRedirect compatibility for OAuth Providers

      Well why not combine?

      I have been talking to the author of redux-react-firebase about combining, but we are not sure that the users of both want that at this point. Join us on the redux-firebase gitter if you haven't already since a ton of this type of discussion goes on there.

      What about redux-firebase?

      The author of redux-firebase has agreed to share the npm namespace! Currently the plan is to take the framework agnostic redux core logic of react-redux-firebase and place it into redux-firebase). Eventually react-redux-firebase and potentially other framework libraries can depend on that core (the new redux-firebase).

  2. Why use redux if I have Firebase to store state?

    This isn't a super quick answer, so I wrote up a medium article to explain

  3. Where can I find some examples?

  4. How does connect relate to firebaseConnect?

    data flow

  5. Where is the yarn.lock file?

    There isn't one, there is just a package-lock.json. npm v5.x.x adds support for a package-lock.json file which serves a similar purpose to a yarn.lock file. Instead of managing multiple lock files, the single package-lock.json contains exact version information for dependencies.

  6. How do I help?

    • Join the conversion on gitter
    • Post Issues
    • Create Pull Requests

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