File Drag/Drop Upload with Delete

This example component uses react-dropzone to allow for drag/drop uploading directly to Firebase storage. this.props.uploadFiles() provides the capability to update Firebase database with Files metadata, which is perfect for showing your upload results cleaning in the same component.

NOTE: The third argument provided to the uploadFiles and deleteFiles calls below is the database path where File Metadata will be written/deleted from. This is out of convenience only, simply remove the third argument if you don't want metadata written/deleted to/from database.

import React from 'react'
import PropTypes from 'prop-types'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
import { firebaseConnect } from 'react-redux-firebase'
import { map } from 'lodash'
import Dropzone from 'react-dropzone'

// Path within Database for metadata (also used for file Storage path)
const filesPath = 'uploadedFiles'

// Component Enhancer that adds props.firebase and creates a listener for
// files them passes them into props.uploadedFiles
const enhance = compose(
  connect(({ firebase: { data }) => ({
    uploadedFiles: data[filesPath]

const Uploader = ({ uploadedFiles, firebase }) => {
  // Uploads files and push's objects containing metadata to database at dbPath
  const onFilesDrop = (files) => {
    // uploadFiles(storagePath, files, dbPath)
    return firebase.uploadFiles(filesPath, files, filesPath)

  // Deletes file and removes metadata from database
  const onFileDelete = (file, key) => {
    // deleteFile(storagePath, dbPath)
    return firebase.deleteFile(file.fullPath, `${filesPath}/${key}`)
  return (
      <Dropzone onDrop={onFilesDrop}>
          Drag and drop files here
          or click to select
        uploadedFiles &&
              Uploaded file(s):
              map(uploadedFiles, (file, key) => (
                <div key={file.name + key}>
                  <button onClick={() => onFileDelete(file, key)}>
                    Delete File

Uploader.propTypes = {
  firebase: PropTypes.object.isRequired,
  uploadedFiles: PropTypes.object

export default enhance(Uploader)

Change File Metadata

When uploading files as in the above example, you can modify how the file's meta data is written to the database.

// within your createStore.js or store.js file include the following config
const config = {
  fileMetadataFactory: (uploadRes) => {
    // upload response from Firebase's storage upload
    const { metadata: { name, fullPath, downloadURLs } } = uploadRes
    // default factory includes name, fullPath, downloadURL
    return {
      downloadURL: downloadURLs[0]

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